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2020 Summer Practicing Competition

July 25th, 2020

Wow! What an amazing Summer Term our Music Studio has had! We had a wonderful studio recital that was delayed from the Spring Term till the Summer, each student participated in the Summer Practice Competition with amazing results, and we just had our "Name That Note" Competition (results for that coming later today). I am so genuinely proud of the work that the students in the Studio have put in over the Summer Term and the Final Results for the 7-week long Summer Practice Competition are up.

What a fantastic job each student did!

1st Place, Reagan (Piano) practiced 68 hours and 55 minutes

2nd Place, Sophia (Piano) practiced 56 hours and 35 minutes

3rd Place, Jasmine G. (Voice) practiced 53 hours and 7 minutes

4th Place, Kayley (Piano) practiced 43 hours and 47 minutes

5th Place, Elizabeth (Piano) practiced 38 hours and 53 minutes

The studio together practiced a whopping total of 620 hours and 20 minutes!

Prizes will be given at the start of the Fall Term.

To every student in my studio: well done, keep up the great work, remember to always give your personal best, and continue to grow a passion for music!

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