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My Compositions

Music Composition is about creativity, putting down on paper the beauty that our minds create and sharing it with others.  And because music is an international language, composing music gives us the opportunity to share with every nation, tribe and language our emotions, thoughts and dreams.  


Please feel free to download any arrangements, found on the lower half of this page. 


I wrote this Requiem for my Father, after his passing. Losing a loved one can bring so many feelings including anger, regret and pain.  But also peace and comfort, knowing that I can still run into the shadows of Christ's arms to cry when I am alone.

Purchase the sheet music here:


This choral piece is dedicated to the loved ones that have already passed. Though their bodies are no longer present, their love will forever be present, for love is stronger then death.

Purchase the sheet music here:

A Nautical Journey

A Nautical Journey is a piano suite that I composed to inspire and help the imagination soar across a Nautical world. Titles in the suite include:

"The Whale's Lament"

"Waltz on the Barge"

"A Pirate's Journey"

"Sir Winfred, the Walrus"

"Calm Night Seas"

Sheet music can be purchased here:

Endless Love

An original composition that I wrote over the past few months and completed it on July 16, 2022. I set my music to a poem that George Matheson wrote, which talks about God's never ending love that will never let us go. What a great joy and sense of security to know that when all else around us seems to be so dark and painful, God's love will never depart from us.

Praise to the Lord, the Almighty

I wrote this arrangement a few years ago and this is one of my favorite hymns. The melody  is probably based on a German folk tune and Joachim Neander set his hymn to the meter and tune. I hope this hymn blesses you and it has me. 


From time to time, a student has come to me with a special request, asking either for sheet music to a song that neither of us can find or is not at their appropriate level. Here are some arrangements that I have written for my students over time and are free and available for you to download, play through, and enjoy. 

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