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Another Amazing Composition Recital

I just can not say enough how proud I am of each student who participated in the Composition Course this Summer!

Over the course

  • We met for 8 weeks studying the elements of music (Dynamics, Pitch, Rhythm, tempo, timbre, texture, harmony, form and melody).

  • We improvised regularly in lessons

  • Students were assigned weekly theory assignments

  • Each class wrote group compositions

  • Each student wrote their own original composition

  • And of course, each student performed their own composition at the recital

As a Theory and Composition Degree myself, it melts my heart to see young students of mine develop a growing passion and understanding in music theory and music composition.

To my students who participated in the class, don't stop writing music! Take all of the tools that you learned this summer and keep making beautiful music to share with others.

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