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Light Rain in Japan

Composition week is one of my favorite weeks in the Music Studio. This past month's composition assignment was titled "I Visited...". Students were assigned to write a short composition using music to describe a place. The compositions that were brought to my studio the following week were amazing and I really love seeing the creativity that comes out of my students.

One composition in particular, "Light Rain in Japan", written by Miss Alani, really caught my attention. This composition, written in F# Major, really captures the tonality and sense of being in Japan with a light and gentle rain. Alani gave so much attention to the details and even carefully notated that the chords in the right hand were to be played piano while the melody should be brought out more by playing it mezzo forte.

I'm so proud of you, Alani, for the beautiful composition that you wrote. You are such a great student and I feel blessed to be your music teacher. To all of my students, keep up the great work, you are doing amazing


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