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Music with Emotion

Last Saturday, Stetson University hosted their second annual Piano Day, and 10 students in the county were selected to perform at this event. Our very own studio member, Miss Emma, applied, auditioned and was selected to be one of the invited students. Miss Emma was an outstanding representative for our studio and I am so proud as a teacher and fellow musician.

Miss Emma has been a student of mine for close to two years and she has grown and developed so much as a musician and pianist. Most students need constant work and instruction on musical phrasing and bringing emotion to a piece, but Miss Emma is an exception to this. Miss Emma excels at brining emotion to a piece of music and interpreting what emotion or story the composer wanted to be communicated to the audience.

Bravo Miss Emma for performing En Reve so beautifully, and thank you for representing our studio so well while at Stetson University.

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