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Every summer term I teach group composition courses. Each student composes their own original music and I always write a choral piece. This particular summer, I wrote a 5 piece piano suite and a choral piece.

I wrote this original composition, "Requiem", and the lyrics for my Father, after his passing. Losing a loved one can bring so many feelings. Anger and pain at first over the cruel providence of death. Regret in wishing that I spent more time with him. But also Peace, knowing that God still reigns. Courage, knowing that all things that pass have not escaped God's knowing. Comfort, knowing that I can still run into the shadows of Christ's arms to cry when I am alone.

"Close your eyes. Rest your soul.

Accepting burdens in your life.

Your broken vessel in peace may rest.

Rest. Your pain is over. His Love is calling you home.

By grace you came, by grace you lived.

His grace now calls to bring you home.

He calls you home. Now rest in peace.

Close your eyes and rest in peace.

Now he calls you Home.

Close your eyes and rest.

Your journey is now over, He calls you home.

Close your eyes and rest.

Through grace and light you'll rise home.

Your rest is my pain to bear, till in His grace calls me home.

Your rest is my pain to bear.

Still I trust in His Love.

Come home my child.

In peace and love. His salvation brings you home.

Rest in peace. Rest, in his love. Rest in His Peace."

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