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Student Day!!

What is Student Day? Well as the current chair of Orange and Volusia County Student Day through FSMTA, I can personally tell you that it is the best yearly marker for a student's growth, encouragement and motivation towards excellence.

FSMTA (Florida State Music Teachers Association) offers a non-competitive evaluation program which is structured and comprehensive. Students are tested annually, both on their ability to perform and on their understanding of music theory and their general knowledge of music. Levels range from Primary - Level 12.

Students are evaluated in 3 areas: Written Theory, Aural Theory, and Performance.

  • The aurals tests are done in groups by level, followed by written Theory

  • The performance portion includes, depending on level, 2 or 3 memorized pieces (guidelines are provided, but teachers may choose the repertoire), scales, arpeggios, cadences, harmonization/transposition, and sight-reading.

  • A qualified, FMTA approved judge writes constructive comments and gives a score.

  • Students are awarded with certificates, and medals (for Honors grades, 90%+).

  • Cost: $25 - a bargain, and affordable for all!!

Let me know if you have any questions about Student Day and lets get signed up!

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