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VCMTA Recital

We heard some wonderful performances at the Fall 2022, VCMTA (Volusia County Music Teachers Association) Recital last Sunday afternoon. My personal favorite performances were from our very own studio members, Miss Emma and Miss Alani.

Miss Emma played Clowns, Op. 39, No. 20 by Dmitri Kabalevsky and Miss Alani played Etude in E Minor, Op. 47, No. 15 by Stephen Heller. Both ladies did such a wonderful job performing and I was so proud to have them represent our studio.

Recordings of their performances can be viewed in when you log in, under the tab "Online Resources" and in the folder "VCMTA County Recital". Miss Emma's recording was re-recorded in my studio due to a disturbance during her performance.

Way to go ladies! Who wants to represent our studio at the Spring VCMTA Recital?

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